CAC-International focuses on maintenance technologies that maximise efficiences and safety through optimisation. We provide our clients with cost effective and sustainable solutions required to assure the built environment will perform all the functions for which each facility was designed and constructed. 

Deep knowledge of CAC-International in operation and maintenance is diverse and includes wide experience across a variety of commodities, asset classes and diverse geographical even austere locations. Having this experience we are allowed to perform a  comprehensive range of services aimed at preventing equipment failure and increasing operating efficiency, reliability, and safety. These services include both planned preventive and predictive maintenance and corrective maintenance.

Our company has a stuff of highly qualified experts in building management system operation and maintenance. Ongoing operator and maintenance staff training is essential to maintain high safety standards.  We also understand the importance of training, development and integration of local personnel into our project workforce. CAC-International believes that skill development and increased awareness through training and outreach are an essential component of improved facility operations.

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